What is “Executive To Go”?

Every business owner can use another set of experienced eyes or pair of capable hands – an “executive to go”. We make it easy by providing exactly the support you need, for as long as you need it.

Karen Q
Former Rocket Scientist

About Karen Quilantang

Your challenges may or may not require a rocket scientist, but Executive To Go founder Karen Quilantang really was one. Just in case.

Throughout her career, Karen has been directly responsible for multi-million-dollar business units, with leadership roles on both sides of the revenue generation/cost center equation. Her background ranges from Fortune 500 companies to micro-start-ups, working directly with C-suite executives and business owners to team members at every level. Her proven strategic problem-solving skillset is a direct result of her multi-disciplinary background in business strategy, sales, account management, marketing, and operations, plus her engineering degree and early career in the aerospace industry.

As a consultant, Karen leverages her unique background and analytical abilities to help businesses and executives meet their goals and achieve results. She enjoys the challenge of identifying opportunities and risks within a business and providing plans and tools to positively impact your bottom line. She has the ability to see the big picture and translate it into realistic, actionable strategic plans and tactics for your business.

Karen is passionately invested in her clients’ future growth and personal success.

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