Ideal Client Profile

While we work with many different kinds of small and mid-size businesses, this is our ideal client profile:


We are seeking...

PositionC-level execs or business owners of small, closely-held companies.
Growth PhaseGrowing and preparing to scale or reevaluate their business strategy and/or processes.
Annual revenues$150k – $5M
Number of employees1+
IndustriesProfessional services, artisan/boutique products, and more
GeographyGreater Seattle; U.S. if virtual relationships are acceptable


We want to work with clients who...

State of MindAre succeeding but are unsatisfied with the current situation. May be frustrated because they don’t have time to tackle important business improvements, or want ideas on how to effectively plan into the future. Have realistic expectations about their goals. Are self-aware.
PartnershipAre open to new ideas, and understand that an advisor is needed. Are open communicators who are also open to receiving feedback. Are seeking long-term relationships with trusted advisors, and understand the value on that advisory service relative to the price.
Standards and EthicsPossess high standards and solid ethics. Honor their commitments. Always pay invoices on time without additional requests.

Things to listen for:

We can help clients who have these challenges...

Missing out on income opportunities because they can’t take time away from “running the business”.
“How can I figure out if I can afford to _______?”
Concerned about how to scale current processes as the business grows.
“When will it be time to hire a _______?”
Operating month-to-month or year-to-year without a written strategy or plan.
Wondering which marketing/sales strategies would increase revenue.
Unsure if their own efforts are focused in the right areas.
“If I had another ‘me’, I could finally get ahead of things.”